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Summer courses 

These courses create ideal conditions for total immersion in practice and study, enabling students to experience the full depth of Iyengar Yoga and its ability to touch all the different levels of human existence. 

It also helps students acquire a deeper understanding of the Iyengar Yoga method, establish a personal practice and progress on the path of Yoga.

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Summer intensive 
Majorca • July 2024

3 weeks with Alexis Simon

Week 1 : 3/7 - 7/7

lntroduction to the basic principles of lyengar Yoga. Technical precision, alignment and orientation in asanas (poses).

During the first week, teaching focus primarily on the practice of standing poses, sitting poses and deep relaxation.

Week 2 : 10/7 - 14/7

Experience the power of the practice, learning to organize the various groups of asanas in sequences ( Vinyasa ).

During the week we will broaden the scope of asanas to forward bends, twists, simples backbends and an  introduction to inverted


Week 3 : 17/7 - 21/7

Deepen your understanding of the lyengar method and start developing or deepening your self practise.

This week will cover all the different groups of asanas. Standing, back and forward bends, twists, inversions and balancing poses.

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Summer Cycle 
Majorca • August 2024

2 Cycles of classes with Alexis Simon

Cycle 1 : 5-9/08

Asanas :


General level

Cycle 2 : 12-16/08

Asanas :


General level

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